Ashley’s Corner updated 11’06

A city girl becomes Bitter Betty Crocker.  What?  That’s right, I’m
still bitter after 5 years on the GFCF job.  What fans my flames you
may ask?  Every fricken phone call to a food company.  Every
fricken email.  Every fricken label I’ve read 3 times.  The
McDonalds latest incident.  Need I say more?

I do cook a lot, bake some.  And I do eat out about 2 times per
week for Mexican, Chinese, or to the local diner for a burger and
fries (no hotdog because their brand has dairy).  

Here are some of our favorite HFS brands that keep us alive:

Pancakes:  Authentic Foods pancake mix
Flour:  Red Hill, Betty Hagman’s Four Flour Blend
Roll-Out Cookies:  Cause Your Special
Cake Mix:  Cause Your Special
Chicken Nuggets: frozen Wellshire Kids or better tasting Bell &
Evans GF frozen Chicken Tenders.  I even like them!  And yes, they
are CF too.
Fries:  frozen Cascadian Farms (we must like them even though
they are owned by the evil General Mills)
Donuts, bagels, frozen pizza crust:  
Granola bars and cereals:  Envirokids:  Koala, Panda, and Lemur
Cookies! Vanilla oreos, chocolate oreos, and animal crackers: or MiDel
Canned Frosting:  artificial is our friend when we have no time:  
Pillsbury.  Currently, Betty Crocker is evil, and natch they are
owned by the evil General Mills empire.  Those that give a shit they
market to children and provide food chock full of the big 5
allergens.  Nice.  
Candy:  certain flavor Starbursts, Skittles, sweetarts, trident
Chips:  Other than HFS brands like Bearitos, my hats off to Frito-
Lay for providing a comprehensive allergy page.  Fritos are safe
and delish.  Cape Cod Potato Chips are our fave, also because
they come in individual snack size perfect for school.  
Pasta:  Tinkyada organic brown rice pasta.  Quinoa pasta.
Cheese:  Tofutti sliced
Yogurt:  Silk or Whole Soy.  
Frozen fruits:  Cascadian farms, great for smoothies (water, ice,
coconut, strawberry, blueberry, mango, pineapple), and you’re
good to go.  Perfect for supplements!
Favorite car snacks:  roasted and salted cashews and almonds.
Fresh apples, pears, oranges.   
Cheese: Tofutti sliced - white and orange "flavors"
Ashley's Corner